Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor is a first-person shooter developed by Danger Close and DICE
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Danger Close

Medal of Honor is a first-person shooter developed by Danger Close and DICE. It is EA's attempt at rebooting the series. The game has been surrounded by controversy recently because, it allowed you to play as the Taliban forces in Iraq and you could shoot American soldiers. Recently the Taliban were renamed to Opfor (short for Opposing Force), so everybody is once again happy to shoot each other in a video game.

The single player campaign is being really nice to play for me. I always go back for more. It is not very long, but it certainly will keep you entertained for a while. There is a variety of different objectives that you have to complete during the campaign and they all feel satisfied when completed.

The multiplayer mode is very good as well. The action is intense and match-making seems tuned up well enough. There is a ranking system which gives you points for kills and assists, and you unlock new weapons and equipment as you progress through the ranks.

All in all, Medal of Honor is a great game. I don't want to compare it with Modern Warfare 2 because that is just unfair. On its own, this game proves to be entertaining and well crafted. It has excellent graphics and it is incredibly realistic.
It has a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode. They have been developed by different companies and use different engines to render all the action. This was a studied decision because often the characters who play the single player campaign are not the same as in multiplayer. It makes sense. In terms of graphics, Medal of Honor is excellent. It is also great in depicting the drama and constant danger that a Tier 1 operator and a Ranger have to endure in the Afghanistan theater of war. Every single detail has been paid attention to ensure that this is as realistic game as it could have been.

José Fernández
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